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    Production, profit and marketing of coffee and cacao generate added value
    to our producers, our staff, customers and shareholders.
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    We work as a team and we want to share this passion with our clients abroad.
    We are going to embark on a coffee trip through continuous learning and great experiences.
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    Only a grain of excellent quality in the Region can give it a fine aroma.

About Us

Peoria S.A is National leader in production, profit and marketing of COFFEE and COCOA generating added value to all our customers.

The essential objective of Peoria S.A. is to ensure the processing and marketing of coffee and cocoa according to the Business Plan presented to the customer.

Improve the production of coffee and cacao, directing resources to post-harvest ensuring the prestige of being an exporting company of these products to keep customer loyalty.

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Why choose us?

We produce COFFEE and CACAO, orienting resources to the post-harvest ensuring the prestige of being an exporting company of these products, to maintain customer loyalty.
  • Picked Grains
    A delicate work 100% handmade and natural processes that guarantee the best flavor and irresistible aroma.
  • Quality processes
    Crops under a strict process of biological activity of their own soils.
  • Trained staff
    Quality processes are important to us. We have highly trained personnel.
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